Wrightington’s Gas Incorporated


Arthur and Josephine Wrightington established Wrightington’s Bottle Gas Service in 1950, when they ran the business out of their family home on the Kingston/Plymouth line. However, due to declining health, they sold the business in 1988 to their son Kevin Wrightington. The delivery operation and office were then moved to the current location on Route 106 in Kingston.

In 1989, the business was renamed Wrightington’s Gas Incorporated (WGI), and since then, the customer base has grown significantly. Just eight years later, in 1997, a storage plant facility was built to accommodate existing and future customers. Although we’ve been in business for over 60 years, we’re still proud to be a family-owned and operated business. Kevin continues to manage the company today, with ongoing support from Kevin’s two children.



Looking for a quality propane supplier that can meet your needs? Look no further than Wrightington’s Gas, Inc. We specialize in providing propane for both residential and commercial customers. Propane is a great alternative to other fuels because it’s cleaner and can be used for numerous applications such as whole-house heating, water heaters, laundry dryers, cooking, engine fuel, fireplaces, and more.


Among many services, we have:

Agricultural propane delivery: NPGA reports that 40% of American farms use propane, which is safe for indoor heating to keep plants and animals healthy. To make sure you have enough propane and deliveries are on time, it is important to monitor your propane usage. Keep track of how much you use each month to make budgeting easier.

Autogas: Autogas refers to the propane used for commercial vehicles, like buses and delivery trucks. Not only does autogas reduce emissions, but it also extends the life of your vehicle’s engine.

Underground Propane Tank Installation Service: We install various sizes of underground tanks. These tanks have a long lifespan with proper maintenance.


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National Propane Gas Association

The NPGA is the trade association that represents the propane industry in America. This membership includes corporations and small businesses that are involved in distributing propane gas and appliances, fabricating cylinders and tanks, producing and wholesaling propane equipment, and transporting propane. The NPGA’s mission is to advocate for safety measures and to increase the use of propane through sound public policy.


Propane Gas Association of New England

The Propane Gas Association of New England is a regional trade organization representing members of the propane industry in the six New England States. They promote safety, education, and public awareness of the uses and benefits of propane. Their membership includes some of the nation’s largest propane companies as well as numerous small, family-owned businesses that have been operating for several generations.


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