Windy Bog Dog

Windy Bog Doggie Play Care is the perfect place to socialize your pup. We expose them to new people, places, and things so they can become well-adjusted dogs. Our daily routine includes scheduled activities and plenty of rest so your pup can feel safe and secure.

Free trial

Doggie Play Date! Come and bring your doggie for a free visit. We want all of our pack members to be happy and healthy, so we evaluate each one to ensure the safety of all. This 4 hour evaluation time will be extended to a full day of free hike & play, as your pup assimilates into the group

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At Windy Bog Doggie Play Care, guests can enjoy a cozy night’s sleep in one of our dog beds, or snuggle up with a friend.
A good night’s sleep is important to make sure our guests are ready and excited for the next day’s adventures.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that a well-exercised dog is a happy and healthy dog. A healthy dog is a relaxed dog, and a relaxed dog is a well-behaved dog.

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