The VoIP Phone Installation Journey

Dec 20, 2023 | AdamsComm

Adapting to change is quite a challenge, but a necessary means of surviving whatever comes next. Take, for example, business communications. From traditional phone lines to the cloud, businesses must adapt to new tools to reach more clients in different formats (voice, text, video). But of course, there are doubts, questions, and fears of the unknown before this transition.  

So, in your hero’s journey, we’ll be your mentors with the ultimate VoIP phone installation guide. Turn on the superpowers technology provides, and let your business be the hero of this story. So, let’s start this journey. 

Chapter 1: Adventure Is Calling (to Your Traditional Phone Line) 

Joe owns a mid-size restaurant; he has a regular clientele but has found some difficulty attracting new customers. He’s been frustrated about the restaurant lately since he knows there’s a lack of communication between the kitchen and the servers, making many mistakes in orders. There is a significant wait time when the customers call to make a reservation. Their old phone system makes him miss a lot of calls. He shared his worries with another restaurant owner, Charles, who came up with great advice: “Just get a VoIP phone installation.” 

Chapter 2: Taking the Right Call 

After that talk, Joe was intrigued by the solution Charles shared. He had already heard about VoIP but was scared it would be too expensive, complicated, and unreliable. However, he decided to leave these prejudgments behind and start his research.

He discovered that VoIP stands for Voice Over the Internet Protocol and is a phone system that makes calls over the Internet. A VoIP phone installation can go very far compared to a traditional phone line since it allows you to make and receive calls from any device connected to the Internet and has access to many features that can help you with customer service. 

He was excited to learn all of this, so he started planning his next move. He defined his necessities, set a budget, and sought the best options. 

Notes of how to install VoIP phone at home

Chapter 3: Finding the Right Provider and Set Up 

Searching for the right provider was tough; some had high prices, others had the worst customer reviews, and others were not convenient for the restaurant’s needs. But he finally found one provider that caught his attention, tried its demo, and had accessible prices. 

Since it is a VoIP phone installation, Joe just needed to have a good internet connection and devices that could connect to the Internet. 

He had those two, so it was ready for installation time. With the specifications Joe had expressed before, the providers set up his phone system just like he wanted them to in the blink of an eye and then proceeded to teach everyone how their new VoIP phone system works.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change providers, it doesn’t mean you lose your business number. Porting your number can take some time, so talk about it with your current provider, and don’t cancel your current service until the porting is complete. 

Chapter 4: The Defying Call 

It’s D-Day. The restaurant will use its new VoIP phone system for the first time. Everyone has trained and studied how the system works and how they can use it to their advantage. 

The first call of the day is quickly identified with the caller ID feature. Separating the reservations from the delivery orders with the automated attendant has already improved their call wait time. And communication between the servers and the kitchen is improving over time.

With these improvements, the whole team was celebrating their victory. Joe puts a new fridge magnet with the provider’s name, AdammsComm, and their number. He shouts to the kitchen: “If anyone ever encounters a problem with our new system, you know who to call.” 

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AdamsComm: The Sidekick Your Business Communications Needs! 

Although this hero’s story has ended, AdamsComm always stays by your side. We are VoIP phone providers and will do everything possible to support our customers. We’ll be the sidekick to your hero if you have any sudden problem, change, or slight doubt with your VoIP phone installation. Contact us, and let us keep your business connected! 

Darryl Panzer