Desk Phones: A Thing of the Past or Essential Office Tool?

Jun 27, 2024 | UCaaS

With the return to office revolution upon us, a common question arises: are desk phones still needed? Yes, they are. Use cases vary, but overall, a VoIP desk phone offers flexibility for your employees. Did you hear that right: flexibility in a wired desk phone? Absolutely! With most businesses creating return to office strategies, you should explore a VoIP desk phone option. According to, 90 percent of employers intend to enforce return to office mandates by the end of 2024.

Clearly, this article is meant for skeptics, so read on, and let’s dispel the negative thoughts about VoIP desk phones.

VoIP Desk Phones Are Still Vital

Computers and softphones are great, but for those on calls, having a physical VoIP desk phone brings a feeling of confidence and a “let’s do this” attitude. It elevates your thought process for work and helps you get into the zone.

Old-school rotary phones are well past their time, but their inequities do not need to be attached to today’s VoIP desk phones. These need to be thought of as companions to the hosted PBXs that have taken over our business communication world.

An example of what you should choose as the best VoIP desk phones for your business

Take a moment and reminisce on how good it felt to turn the rotary phone dial to make a call. You would drag the handset everywhere you went and try not to wrap the cord around everything.

Benefits of VoIP Desk Phones

There are simplicities built into VoIP desk phones that feel right and fit right into your workflow. With AdammsComm ReachUC, you can take an important conference call on your Yealink T57W and then get a text from your child that they need help. You can seamlessly move the call to your cell phone without interruption and continue while attending to your child. This is more about the entire system than just a desk phone but removing possible distractions from the use of a cell phone increases productivity.

Increased Convenience and Efficiency

Walk into any break room or warehouse. Is there a wall-mounted tablet or computer waiting to make calls? Most likely not, and the visual seems silly. A wall-mounted phone or a portable DECT handset is convenient and easy to use. They are still connected to the same powerful phone system as everyone else, but the handset can be picked up to make a call. The same goes for a conference room. Is there a tablet in the middle of the table? Probably not, so consider your specific needs before deciding fully on softphones or including VoIP desk phones as options.

Call Comfort

For high-volume phone users, a VoIP desk phone is a great way to keep track of incoming calls and who’s available, and it is sometimes much easier than the web application. For example, a receptionist with a desk phone and an attendant console can quickly and easily see who is available and push calls to them right in the console.

Picking up the phone is an intuitive action for all generations, making it easy for your business communications to stay inclusive and easy to use. A recent Axios report shows that we currently have four generations of workers in the workforce. The largest are Millennials, with 49.5 million, and at the bottom are Gen Z, with 17.1 million.

Image and Professionalism

Status symbols play a role in how you present yourself, depending on where you are in the world or your profession. A high-end VoIP desk phone paired with your corner office shows the world you’ve made it.

Additionally, for anyone who uses a phone in the workplace, having a dedicated device to make calls helps you stay focused and divides work and personal time. If you use only a smartphone app, those lines could be blurred, leaving the employees feeling like they don’t have any work/life balance. According to Hubstaff, 60 percent of US workers say they don’t have boundaries between work responsibilities and life.

Keep Your Options Open: VoIP Desk Phones from AdamsComm Will Change the Way You See Your Future with Hosted PBX

Your business is unique, and that’s what makes hosted PBXs so wonderful. You could have 20 employees who are fully remote and only log in via the web interface. Then, you could have 12 warehouse workers who rely on the three hardwired phones to answer shipping questions. It’s all about the flexibility to choose the best setup for you and your employees.

AdamsComm has partnered with every type of business and can help you decide what may be best for you. Contact us today to see what kind of setup we can provide.

John Adams
Author: John Adams