Tripp Fence Company

Tripp Fence Company

Do you like to entertain company in your backyard? Is your pool in need of some security measures? If you have a fence, it may be time for an upgrade if it’s worn or damaged. Your family and pets should have the best protection, privacy, and security possible. Tripp Fence Company specializes in a number of fencing solutions such as wood privacy fences, vinyl privacy fences, picket fences, metal fencing, and custom fence solutions. We would be happy to help give you peace-of-mind, security, and curb-appeal with one of our quality-crafted fences.


A liitle bit about us

My love for woodworking and construction started when I was a young boy spending time with my grandfather in his garage. He took the time to show me how to finish projects correctly and taught me to take pride in my work. We spent many hours working on various projects around his home. I learned a lot from him, including how to use power tools and how to safely work with them.

Fast-forward to vocational school where I learned more about construction, carpentry, and cabinetry. After finishing vocational school, I worked hard to obtain a degree in Architectural technology. Following my college education, I completed a 7 year craftsman apprenticeship before starting my own construction company. We take a personal approach to construction by taking the time to listen to our clients and pay attention to their ideas and needs. We want them to feel heard and not like they’re just another number or project.

Our specialty is true, custom construction with a sharp focus on attention to detail. The lessons I learned long ago from my granddad are the foundation that I’ve built my company upon. Quality is not optional. Every project we complete should exceed expectations and set the standard for the next one. I created my company in honor of my grandfather and the time he spent teaching me the importance of a strong work ethic.

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Cedar fencing

Cedar is a very popular material for residential fences. It contains natural oils that help preserve the wood and protect it from insects. Cedar is also naturally resistant to decay. like all unfinished wood, cedar will fade in color over time. You can paint or stain your cedar fence to add additional protection and help maintain its appearance.There are several different types of cedar which makes it an excellent choice for a more natural wood fence that requires less overall maintenance. Cedar can be used in a variety of fence styles including wood privacy fencing, wood picket fences, horizontal fencing, and other custom fence applications.


Vinyl fencing

Building your residential fence with Vinyl-PVC fencing has many advantages. Decorative post caps are available to match the manufactured vinyl fencing, which come in a variety of styles and colors. You also don’t have to repaint it, as the material is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Repainting costs would be saved in the long run. Vinyl is a popular choice for security fences, privacy fences, decorative fences, and landscaping accents because it offers a longer fence life than cedar and pressure-treated pine. Though vinyl may cost more initially, the performance life and maintenance savings make it an attractive option.

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Aluminum Fencing

Residential fences built with aluminum has long-been a popular choice for its durability, high performance in almost any environment, and lifetime affordability. Our aluminum residential fences have proven durability that’s backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The aluminum fencing is powder-coated for an ultra finish that is MAINTENANCE-FREE and guaranteed against flaking, chipping, and peeling. These sturdy fences will provide you with years of beauty, security, peace-of-mind, and can be combined with wood fencing for added curb appeal.

For fence performance that outlasts wood and vinyl, aluminum is often selected over wrought iron fencing for affordability. Aluminum is manufactured which means it costs less than its counterpart wrought iron, which is fabricated. There is a large variety of aluminum fence applications including security fencing, pool fencing, perimeter fencing, and amenity fencing.