The Top 5 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud Hosted Phone System

Aug 1, 2023 | Cloud PBX

We get it. Transitions are tough, especially when it comes to transitioning away from a phone system you’ve had for years. But what if we told you that switching from your legacy PBX to a cloud phone system is easier than you think and can have a lasting, positive impact on all aspects of your business? You’d want to keep reading. And you should! Because you’ll discover five significant advantages cloud phones have over your current system. 

1. A Cloud Phone System Can Save You Money

Ah, yes, the sweet, sweet sound of savings. You can say goodbye to those expensive on-premises hardware setups with a cloud phone system. No more spending a fortune on buying, installing, and maintaining phone hardware. Instead, you only pay for what you use with a flexible pay-as-you-go model. That means no upfront capital investments, no wasting money on unused phone lines, and startup savings of up to 90%.  

Maintenance and IT support costs will also take a significant dip. Why? Because cloud phone system providers take care of system updates and routine maintenance for you! This reduces the burden on your IT team and makes managing the system much easier. 

2. A Cloud Phone System Makes Your Office More Efficient

A cloud phone system can easily connect (or integrate) with other cloud-based tools. No more wasting time double-logging or triple-checking to get your data in the right place. It’s all updated and available instantly.  

Here are two popular integrations that show you what we mean:  

  • With certain CRM integrations, a detailed profile pops up automatically when a customer calls. This lets you personalize the conversation immediately – not waste time hunting down details. Plus, all interactions get logged, making managing relationships and tracking leads easy.  
  • Integrating email and calendar apps allows you to schedule meetings and calls with just one click. It also lets the system send voicemail transcriptions directly to your email. Now you’ll always get important messages, even on the go.  

Speaking of voicemail automation, cloud-based systems come loaded with automation to speed up routine tasks. These include call routing, forwarding, recording, automated greetings, and click-to-call.  

Plus, modern cloud-based systems help you collaborate better! Because they let you make conference calls, host video meetings, and send instant messages, all from one place. So,v you can stop using multiple apps to do the job of one cloud phone system. 

3. It Improves Your Customer Experience

On the subject of customer collaboration, did you know a cloud phone system can take your customers’ experience to the next level? Here’s how. 

First off, these systems guarantee smooth call routing from start to finish. No more bouncing around between departments or waiting on hold while someone hunts for the correct extension. Thanks to automated attendants, customers get directed to the right person immediately.  

Secondly, cloud phone systems provide real-time analytics that gives you a clear picture of your call performance. You can identify patterns, spot bottlenecks, and make decisions to improve your customer service based on actual data, not just gut feelings.  

Plus, remember that CRM integration we mentioned earlier? Providing that kind of fast, personal care results in higher customer loyalty, leading to more recurring revenue, more positive referrals, and a whole lot more. 

4. It Gives You the Freedom to Be Flexible

The only constant in business is change. But with a cloud phone system, you’ll be ready for anything the market throws your way.   

In the cloud, you’re in control of your resources, plain and simple. We’ll demonstrate. Say you’re swamped during the busy fourth quarter and need extra help. With a cloud phone system, you can instantly add more lines to handle the load. When things slow down after the spike, no sweat. Just dial back those extra lines.   

Expanding your business? Cloud-hosted phone systems make adding new locations or remote offices a breeze. Just upgrade your subscription, and you’re all set! No waiting, no wiring, no need to hire new staff.  

And since we’re talking about remote offices, cloud-based systems are perfect for businesses with remote or hybrid workforces. Your employees can use their smartphones to access the same phone features they have in the office, ensuring smooth communication no matter where they are. It’s a match made in heaven!  

5. It Guarantees More Reliable Communication 

In any business, communication breakdowns can be disastrous. But with a cloud-based system, you have a reliable solution that keeps you connected no matter what happens.  

Here’s why it’s great: First, the system has built-in redundancy and disaster recovery. Suppose something goes wrong in one location – power outage, server failure, etc. In that case, your calls are immediately routed to other data centers so you can keep talking. It’s like having a backup generator for your phone lines!  

Second, a cloud phone system is designed to be dependable, with high uptime and excellent call quality. You won’t experience dropped calls or static-filled conversations anymore. Your communication remains clear and reliable.  

Ready to Upgrade To A Cloud Phone System?  

Contact AdamsComm today, and our experts will help you make the switch to a reliable cloud phone system. Get ready to boost your communication, impress customers, and outshine competitors with our advanced cloud phone systems! 

John Adams
Author: John Adams