The Power of Text-to-Speech IVR in Customer Engagement

May 28, 2024 | UCaaS

We are in a beautiful time where natural language is used to engage customers further when interacting with your business. Natural-sounding text-to-speech has been the final puzzle piece since synthetic speech gained popularity in the 1970s. Text-to-speech software is no longer niche; in 2021, the TTS market was valued at US $2.8 billion and is estimated to skyrocket to US $12.5 billion by 2031. You no longer need to rely on the cold, robotic text-to-speech of the past; more natural, personalized voice options are here to make your customers feel welcome.  

What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) 

Text-to-speech software allows you to use written prompts that are then “spoken” by the computer agent of your choice. This feature is used for interactive voice response (IVR), voicemail greetings, agent’s names, auto-attendant menus, and more! With advancements in how voice is read, there is a more natural feel and human-like. The idea isn’t to fully replace people, especially when adding a personal touch with voicemail messages and greetings. However, in an emergency, you need to blast an announcement when customers call you to have the option.

Why is Text-to-Speech Important for Customer Engagement? 

It’s important to ensure consistency across all avenues of communication with your customers. The advantage of text-to-speech software available now is the ability to change tone, pauses, rhythm, and word usage to match your brand. The more consistent you are across all channels of communication, the faster a customer will feel trust, and trust is everything. With AdamsComm, TTS is powered by IBM Watson and Google, so you know the technology is backed by rigorous testing and innovation.

Benefits of Text-to-Speech 

Options are the best benefits in life. You may love the person recording your IVR and various voice prompts; that person may even be you, but having the option to type in the needed prompt and choose the voice to use is entirely different. Your business is growing, and you want the most efficient way to update call groups, rebrand your business, and add new hours; look no further than the text-to-speech software included with the AdamsComm Omnichannel Contact Center solution. Now, it’s time to dive into more benefits.

Accessibility and Personalization 

People want to feel seen, and adding a robust text-to-speech software solution adds a level of accessibility that they love. Adding an individual’s name or location adds a touch of care to an interaction that might not usually exist. It’s memorable when you incorporate that level of personalization in an announcement for a business anniversary. For example, you have a message like this, “We are so proud to have reached ten years of serving the community and want to thank you [insert name] for your continued support.” The [insert name] is where the system would put in the caller’s name based on how the system is configured. A report from Salesforce states that 73 percent of customers expect personalization as technology advances.

Multilingual Support 

You limit your company’s reach if you don’t offer multilingual support. In fact, a recent report claims that 29 percent of SaaS businesses have lost clients due to this. By incorporating advanced text-to-speech software, you can welcome even more people to help by offering different languages in the IVR. Plus, depending on your location, there may be government regulations around accessibility of language support. Being more inclusive shows your customers that you care.

Emotional Connection 

A sense of belonging is conveyed so elegantly when choosing the pitch and tone of voice. You make the customer calling in feel like you are happy to help and take care of their needs to start the interaction. It’s almost a subconscious feeling knowing someone took the time to enhance their experience by implementing a warm feeling of community through the power of natural voice.  

Outbound Dialing 

Outbound automated messages that drive the same brand-first communication style during an inbound interaction can accomplish the same emotional connection. Since you are not a cookie-cutter operation, your outbound communication can provide an extra sense of care.

Text-to-Speech Brings Life to Generic Text; AdamsComm isn’t in the Business of Being Ordinary 

You are setting yourself apart with every touchpoint with a customer, so taking advantage of every tool in the toolbox isn’t trying to game anyone; it’s providing the best possible service. AdamsComm is here to give you the most opportunities through next-generation communication tools that are as unique as you are. Contact AdamsComm today and hear the difference with the advantages of text-to-speech software. 

Darryl Panzer