Sunrise SESA Technologies

Sunrise SESA Technologies has been the authority on LED technology for nearly 50 years. Our family of talented engineers designs and manufactures innovative LED signage for transportation, transit, and commercial industries. All of our products are made in the USA and adhere to strict quality standards. We are constantly innovating to ensure that we meet tomorrow’s transportation needs today.

Our approach is to work alongside our clients and deal with obstacles directly, ensuring client satisfaction. Additionally, our installation history allows us to preemptively identify and correct issues that often plague traditional LED products.

Every product is created with ease-of-use, ease-of-installation, and longevity in mind. They have been proven to survive the harshest conditions. Experienced, expert engineers and technicians work diligently to fill the requirements of any project, whether it is a single sign, a complex ITS system, or a situational, custom-tailored product solution. With 50 years of experience, Sunrise SESA’s commitment to producing quality products is a well-established tradition.

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SESA transit


Passenger information display

When you know when and where you’re going, it can be a great feeling. But our Platform Signs take the guesswork out of it by displaying the time and place of your train or bus arrival or departure. Whether you’re waiting for a loved one at a train platform, rushing to catch a bus, or looking to travel from your local shelter into town, our solar-capable signs will make the experience much less stressful!


Bus destination signs

Destination Signs give you the info you need to get to your destination. They’re tough and easy to install, perfect for making sure you get where you’re going.

Interior train signs

Passengers can easily find their way to their desired destination with our Train Destination Sign series (TXTPS). TXTPS signage is designed for strength and simplicity of installation, making it easy for everyone to use. Sunrise puts passengers first and foremost, as always.

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