R&D landscaping

R&D landscaping

Don’t settle for a lifeless lawn – let R & D Landscape bring your property to life with our competitively priced landscaping services! We do more than just trim trees – we can transform your outdoor space with annual and perennial planting, gardening, and more. Let our experienced professionals show you what Massachusetts gardens can be!

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Hardscaping and patio

Adding a hardscape is a great way to expand your landscape! Our experienced landscapers can help you create retaining walls, garden pathways, unique paver designs, and garden terraces – all of which will increase the potential of your property.


Stoned pathways

Pathways made from stone can add beauty and interest to your home’s landscape. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, it’s easy to find a style that compliments your home.


Excavation services

Is your property line sloping down into an unfortunate dead-end? The expert excavating and hardscaping team at R & D Landscaping can help you by installing a retaining wall. This way, you can enjoy every inch of your lawn at a competitive price! We can also help you with minor excavation if needed.



At R & D Landscaping, we understand that you have a busy schedule. That’s why we offer convenient weekend landscaping appointments! Sit back and relax on your Saturday morning while we take care of your yard for you! We can handle everything from pruning your plants to trimming your trees to mowing your lawn. This way, you’ll save precious time to enjoy your day!


Plant care service

R&D owner Fernando has been providing landscaping to Massachusetts homeowners for over 30 years and knows how to increase your home’s curb appeal better than anyone else. Give him a call today to schedule new planting of trees, shrubs and flowers!


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Garden care

No matter what type of plants you have on your property, R & D Landscape can provide full-service landscaping to take care of your lawn and landscape. We have a team of experienced plant and tree professionals who can provide competitively priced services to keep your property looking its best.