Experience Effortless Communication With AdamsComm’s Contact Center Solution. 

Ramp up team productivity and communicate with your customers where they prefer most with our Contact Center Solution. We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service, we can help you offer the same to your customers! 


Omnichannel Contact Center – The Future Of Unified Communications

Our omnichannel contact center takes your unified communications to the next level. In today’s digital world, customers expect easy and seamless communication when and where they want it, and we can help you deliver. Whether voice, SMS, or social media chat, communicate on all channels from one convenient platform. The way we connect has changed, so get a step ahead with AdamsComm today! 

Voice Calls

Email Messaging

Social Media

SMS Texting

Live Web Chat

Inbound & Outbound

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The Features Don’t Get Richer

This feature-rich solution not only lets you connect across multiple channels from one place, it also puts all the customer data like recent touchpoints, past interactions, and transcripts of previous conversations right at your fingertips 

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More Game Changing Features

3rd Party Integrations 

Integrate your CRM and Ticketing Software 

Analytics & Reporting 

Track data for an increased CX and staff training 

Skilled Routing 

Calls sent to the best agent for the call 

Live Dashboards 

See live communication for easy real-time adjustments 

Auto Distribution 

Calls automatically directed to an available agent 

Screen Recording 

Easily monitor and improve customer interactions 

Why Choose AdamsComm?

Companies across our great nation offer a plethora of communication solutions but, just because they do, doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for your company! AdamsComm provides the best: 

Above & Beyond Service 

White Glove Experience  

24/7/365 Support 

Outstanding service

We’re Not Like The Other Guys!

We do things differently here at AdamsComm, that’s what makes us great partners in your success.  

We Really Care

Your experience and the success of your company are the number one priority for us. 

You’re Not Just A Number

We comprehensively analyze your business needs and tailor the best solutions for you. 

With You For The Long Haul

We give on-line staff training and an always accessible online university for your success.