Increase Your Business Productivity with a Robust Hosted Fax Solution

Dec 20, 2023 | Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems

Let’s begin with a quick exercise: look around your team and ask how many members know how to use a fax machine. Those in the Gen Z or late millennial category might not be entirely familiar with the process of sending a fax. But what if we could blend the traditional concept of faxing with modern technology? The result would be hosted fax solutions. 

A Quick Flashback for the Younger Generations 

To continue with the previous exercise, let’s describe the process of sending a traditional fax to those unfamiliar with it. 

A traditional fax machine operates through a traditional phone line. To send a fax, you need a physical copy of the document you want to send, place it in the scanner, enter the recipient’s fax number, and press the “Send” button. The machine will scan the document, convert it into electronic signals, and send it. After the process, you get a confirmation page indicating if the transmission was successful.

Although faxing was invented in 1843 and popularized in the 1980s, some offices are still hanging on to fax machines. In fact, it is estimated that 9 billion faxes are sent globally every year. Many people still use them because they trust them more to share sensitive information (33%). But as technology develops, more modern ways of exchanging documents emerge.   

What are Hosted Fax Solutions? 

Although some people prefer the traditional fax method, others think it’s a slow and inefficient process. That’s why they prefer delivering faxes over the internet; it is what we call hosted fax. It works very simply: a provider offers a platform to exchange faxes. This means the whole exchange of faxes is made through software with an internet connection instead of a machine through traditional phone lines.

PS. A good provider will have different data centers to guarantee business continuity.

What Are the Benefits of Hosted Fax Solutions? 

There are many benefits of hosted fax solutions. We’ve narrowed down these benefits to our top six.  


Depending on the size of the document, it will take more time to send and receive it with a traditional fax. Hosted fax solutions makes exchanging documents more efficient by simplifying the whole process and eliminating all hardware. 

Reduce Costs 

By getting rid of old fax machines, you can reduce the costs of maintenance, paper, and ink. You also get rid of traditional phone lines costs and hardware as well.

Environmentally Friendly 

By using hosted fax, you support a more sustainable communication method. Did you know traditional fax machines consume 200 billion pages of paper in the United States? 

Not only can you save paper and resources, but the shared infrastructure of hosted fax is more energy-efficient compared to individual fax servers.


Using hosted fax also allows your team more flexibility. Since they are not engaged with a physical machine, they can be able to work from home or anywhere else and still be able to send documents securely.

Security and Compliance 

Hosted fax adopts different data security measures to protect your information. Ask your providers which security protocols they have followed to achieve industry compliance standards. 

A good provider will also have redundant systems and data centers, ensuring your business can always send and receive documents without worrying about failovers or any other unpredictable events.

AdamsComm: Your Hosted Fax Provider! 

If you’re looking for a provider who follows all security protocols and standards and delivers personalized attention and service, AdamsComm is what you need! Jump into the benefits of modern communication and start sending documents through our hosted fax solutions! Contact us and learn more about how hosted fax can help your business communications. 

See how to use our hosted fax in this video! 

Darryl Panzer