Gerry McLaughlin Ms. Industrial & .Labor Relation

Gerry McLaughlin  Ms.  Industrial & .Labor Relation


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Gerry McLaughlin is an expert in Industrial and Labor Relations, with over 30 years of experience successfully negotiating 500+ labor contracts in varied industries. As Executive Director and Vice President for Fortune 100 Companies, Gerry has negotiated with 20+ National and Local Unions in Manufacturing, Distribution, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Food service, and Facilities. He has also trained 1000+ managers in managing a union workforce and conducting successful union campaigns.

The team at Gerry McLaughlin Consulting LLC offers a wide range of employee and labor relations services to fit your business needs. We can negotiate your Collective Bargaining Agreement, consult on employee or labor relations issues, or train your managers or employees. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve success.


Let Gerry McLaughlin Consulting LLC negotiate your upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement. We have chairing experience with over 20 international unions and over 500 Collective Bargaining Agreements. Our staff has the capability and experience to help you achieve your goals.


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Gerry McLaughlin Consulting LLC offers comprehensive Employee and Labor Relations Consulting Services. We’ll conduct a thorough review and analysis of your Collective Bargaining Agreement, identify ways to help you meet your goals, and provide expert guidance every step of the way.