Maximizing Business Potential: Leveraging Cloud Messaging for Customer Engagement

Nov 12, 2023 | Cloud Messaging

Want an effortless way to get 98 percent of your messages to be seen by your customers? Cloud message tools can help with that. A cloud message feature lets your team send text messages over the cloud instead of a regular telephone network. Internet-led communication has become the standard for real-time communications. With technologies such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), private branch exchange (PBX) service, and session initiation protocol (SIP) Trunking, you can make the most of internet-based phone technology and boost your business communication to the next level. These telecom services, which we will explain more below, allow you to connect your phone systems in high-definition and make use of the cloud in actionable ways. 

Lucky for you, AdamsComm provides all of these services. We also break down all this tech jargon so that it sounds like plain English, letting you know exactly what you are paying for and how it will help you scale your business communications to the next level.  

How Do Cloud Message Features Work?  

Cloud technology allows users to store data on the internet. The cloud has since opened avenues of technology to many industries that had to rely on clunky analog systems. Telecommunications is one of these industries. Cloud technology has made way for telecommunications over an internet connection, including voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and cloud message features, allowing users to send text messages over the web instead of just an analog phone line.  

Cloud systems can connect to traditional phone lines through private branch exchange (PBX). Cloud message users can send text simultaneously via the internet and over a regular phone line.  

What are Push Notifications?  

Push notifications allow the messaging tool to push pop-up messages to the subscriber’s device. If you’re on a tablet or a laptop, the message will be “pushed” through to pop up in a little bubble window somewhere on the screen, which can vary from device to device.  IBM explained that these types of notifications are usually “opt-in,” meaning that the notification subscriber must approve to receive push notifications before they will see the pop-up bubbles. 

push notifications cloud messaging

Who Should Use Cloud Message Features?   

A small business will want to blast its messages across its whole network of customers, but it may need more money for the fancy marketing campaigns agencies provide. If your business is small or mid-sized, and you’re looking for a way to generate a lot of hype about your brand on a minimal budget, push notifications can make that happen for you.   

Maximize Your Cloud Message Business Communications 

You can start driving your business communications to the max with cloud message features today. It’s as easy as choosing a rock-solid service provider. Once a service provider who oversees the technology components of a hosted phone system sets you up, you can follow these guidelines to start maximizing your customer outreach with cloud message tools:   

Personalize Your Messages   

Cloud message features make it easy to add an individualized touch to your communications with your customers. Be sure to add a personal touch to the messages you push. By doing this, you are showing your customers that you can and starting a relationship with them that will make them choose to prioritize your messages over other notifications they get. 

Push To Analog Phones  

Pushing your cloud message features along to analog phones is the marketing tool you “can’t live without,” Forbes wrote in 2021, and it still rings true today. Studies the magazine cited found that at least 97 percent of Americans text once a day. With so many people on their mobile devices each day, sending a cloud text to their analog phone line is a wonderful way to get their attention.  


Sync With Socials  

There’s a laundry list of apps today that let you sync your communications tools with your social media outlets to get more traction. By doing this, you will maximize the potential outreach of your cloud message tools. This is because a mass number of adult consumers use social media regularly. Pew Research Center did a study in 2022 that found that at least 31 percent of U.S. adults prefer social media to other news outlets. That number is growing. A survey on Statista in September 2023 found that social media networking has a 91 percent penetration, indicating how universal it is.   

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How Customers Use Cloud Message Options 

Many device providers build the functionality for using cloud message features. For example, Apple Support highlights ways that Apple users can turn push notifications on straight from iCloud. Many devices now likewise support ways for cloud message users to pick and choose what push notifications they want from their cloud message services, allowing for optimized and customized control of the flow of alerts.   

How AdamsComm Can Help   

Ready for effortless communication? AdamsComm can support your transition from outdated analog tools to a maximized business communications system prepared for the modern world that uses all the bells and whistles of contemporary communications tech, including the business-boosting features you read about above regarding cloud message options. 

AdamsComm Services  

When you choose AdamsComm, you get the following services rolled in: 

Cloud PBX

Our geo-redundant platform packs in the features and functions your business needs to succeed. This type of technology allows us to manage virtual phone lines, SIP trunking, mobility, call routing, and portal management, all with high-definition clarity. Geo-redundant systems are systems that stay connected to the internet by having connected centers in a variety of geolocations, ensuring that your phone service is never down.  

Premise PBX and SIP Trunking

Private branch exchange (PBX) and Session Initiation Protocol Trunking (SIP) Trunking are telecommunications technologies that replace what we call “plain old telephone” systems and connect your premise phone (the phone hooked up in your physical office) to the web.  

Structured Cabling Solutions 

 Structured cabling solutions are our installment services to the Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod region. We fortify all the physical elements of a strong telecom solution to save you costs and headaches when the time comes to have new fiber optic cables put in place. Cabling is the heavy-duty hardware that acts as the energy source for upscaling telecom. 

Technology Consulting

We will leave no technology question unanswered. We, at AdamsComm, partner with 220 pre-vetted global telecommunications carriers to get the full scope of details on what is leading technology forward today and what you should invest in for optimal business phone service.  

 Contact us today to get started with future-forward management communications.   

John Adams
Author: John Adams