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Capeway Rovers was founded in 1934 in Bourne, Massachusetts, and in 1951 it moved to Middleboro. The track is the oldest motocross track on the East coast. The original track was located behind Chase Chevrolet, but that land was lost to eminent domain.

The club purchased the current 60-acre lot amid the cranberry bogs for scrambles/TT purposes, but it now only hosts motocross events. Every hot New England rider has tasted the dirt here at Middleboro. New England legends like Dick Bettencourt, Jo Jo Keller, Jim Meenan, Jimmy Ellis, Doug Henry, John Dowd, Pat Barton and Keith Johnson have all put in countless laps at Middleboro. Over 800 motocross races have been held here.

A bit of motocross trivia: Although Southwick’s Bernie Yelin has the credit for being the first to employ the use of a backward falling gate, old timers claim that Dick Roy (father of the ex-factory Bultaco pilot Dwight Roy) built Middleboro’s gate years before Bernie’s. It seems every great invention comes with some form of controversy attached to it!

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In order to provide more motocross enthusiasts an opportunity to compete, we’re adding a few new classes that are already present at NEMX and Winchester. The 50cc Non Race Bike class is for non-racers who are new to motocross and ride bikes like PW50s and Honda CRF50s. Additionally, we have the Girl’s 9-15 class for females riding 65-112cc 2-strokes and 110-150cc 4-strokes. Lastly, we’ve created a 55+ class for veteran riders. We have also renamed the Youth class to Schoolboy 12-17.

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