Exploring the Mobility Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

May 24, 2024 | Cloud PBX

The total freedom of a business mobility solutions can’t be underestimated. It’s not about the obvious physical freedom; it’s about the cost freedom, the time freedom from streamlining workflows, the freedom from being locked down, and the freedom from inflexibility during disaster scenarios.

If you can’t relate to these freedoms, you must speak with AdamsComm to get you set up with a business mobility solution that offers them.

A recent report from Pew Research states that 22 million adults (18 years and over) work remotely all the time, which equates to 35 percent of all jobs that can be done remotely. This trend of working remotely or hybrid is not going to change. Is your current telephony system up to the challenge of providing a solution that fits any situation? 

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System? 

Before jumping into the benefits, let’s level set on what a cloud-based phone system is. Cloud-based phone systems use VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) to make phone calls using your internet connection. The voice call is broken down into digital packets sent through the internet and reassembled at the destination. Think about the demonstration in Willy Wonka, where a chocolate bar and Mike TV get sent through the air and appear across the room. The glory of a cloud-based system is that it is georedundant, meaning you and your business can be anywhere to connect and use the software—another example of freedom.

Why You Need Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Your Business 

Flexibility is the new business currency. Being flexible is the cherry on top of attracting and keeping top talent to grow your business. This doesn’t mean you give up control over your business to remote workers; instead, you expand your horizons on what it means to hire, train, and support your clients. With a cloud-based phone system, you can ensure ease of deployment, maintenance, and connection.

What Mobility Benefits Will I See? 

Business mobility solutions go hand in hand with flexibility. You can have traveling salespeople connect to the phone system on their cell phones and receive and make calls as if they were in the office. That doesn’t mean they can make calls from their cell phones; not a big deal. That’s a cell phone, but what that means is they are connected to the entire system as if they were sitting at a desk phone. The caller ID shows the customer your business number. If they receive a voicemail, it goes to the phone system like normal, and they can retrieve it wherever they are. That is just one of many scenarios, so let’s get into some more.

Increased Collaboration 

Being remote or hybrid is one thing, but increasing collaboration and improving your bottom line is a whole other scenario. According to Zippia, more than 50 percent of workers say their jobs are reliant on collaboration. If your clients receive delayed resolutions or issues are dropped entirely because collaboration between team members is lacking, then you need a cloud-based phone system with business mobility solution.

Streamlined Workflows 

You need to reduce the number of complicated or redundant workflows. Adding too many programs to any workflow drives down efficiency. A great example is described in W. Edwards Deming’s book Out of Crisis: 94 percent of most problems and possibilities for improvements belong to the system, not the individual. Focus on cleaning up how work is connected to and completed, and you will see improvements across the board.

Ability to Offer Remote & Hybrid Work 

Today’s workers demand more flexibility, and remote or hybrid work provides that. It could be as simple as being able to drop off or pick up their kids from school, and having a business mobility solution that can handle that need is key to offering those accommodations. You will end up having more invested employees when you offer work focused on the needs of today and not business ideas from 50 years ago.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery Plan 

Unfortunately, system downtime will happen, but having a disaster recovery plan with a cloud-based phone system at the heart of that plan will ensure you are there for your clients when they need you the most. A business mobility solution allows for momentary outage needs or extended plans due to a natural disaster. According to G2, using cloud systems can reduce downtime by 57 percent

Drastically Reduced Costs 

Compared to traditional copper telephone lines, you can reduce your monthly ongoing costs by up to 50 percent. By implementing a cloud-based phone system that includes a business mobility solution, you are adding incredible technological horsepower at a much cheaper price. This seems like a generous bonus to your bottom line.

Mobile-First Technology 

The beauty of a cloud-based system is that it’s built with mobile at the core of what it does. You probably use VoIP calling now without even realizing it. WhatsApp or FaceTime uses technology based on VoIP to connect people through the internet for voice and video calls. This technology has taken the business telephony world by storm since the pandemic hit.

Offer Seamless Mobility with an All-in-One Solution from AdamsComm 

Business mobility solutions are a necessity in the modern business environment. Your employees need collaboration tools that work from wherever they are to help your clients. Mobility is not a luxury nice-to-have; mobility is a must-have without breaking the bank. AdamsComm is here to offer you a customized business mobility solution that fits your needs. Contact us today! 

Darryl Panzer