How Hosted PBX Streamlines Business Communication

Apr 22, 2024 | Cloud PBX

The landscape of traditional business priorities is evolving. Now more than ever, communication is the cornerstone of success. By 2025, POTS lines will disappear, and a strong push towards hosted PBX has begun. With hosted PBX, you get a feature-rich, geo-redundant, flexible, and, most importantly, cost-effective business communication solution that is superior to its predecessor in every way.

What are the Benefits of Hosted PBX?

There are numerous benefits of hosted PBX, such as cost savings, flexibility, and more. Let’s delve into it below.

Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of moving to a hosted PBX solution is cost savings. It’s possible for a business to cut its monthly telephony cost by half, which is substantial in a time where we are witnessing the cost of everything soaring. For a small business, the initial investment savings can be as much as 90 percent, and an often-overlooked advantage of a hosted PBX is the internal IT savings, which can be as high as 15 percent. Talk about freeing up your IT resources!

Remote Work

With hosted PBX, you’ll never miss a call because it follows you everywhere you go. This is vital in a world where employees are seeking remote work opportunities. Remote work allows you to build the best service team for your clients regardless of location, enabling you to find the best customer-centric employees to provide the service your company deserves.

According to the latest trends, 22 million U.S. adults work from home full-time, which will rise substantially in the coming years. The ease of remote setup provides you with greater access to employees and improved support for clients through the business communication solution of the future! Proof that hosted PBX should be on your radar. Win/win/win.


The perfect business communication solution must be seamless for your customers and agile for your employees. Do you have outside salespeople? If so, you can ensure they get a call with call routing to mobile phones. Does your company travel to trade shows and are they often out of service range? Don’t worry, voicemail-to-email to the rescue. In this scenario, hosted PBX flexibility is crucial to employee satisfaction; more direct connections with clients mean more sales, and they know they can be reached whenever and wherever they are.  

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Your business is unique, and it’s critical to have a business communication solution that fulfills those needs. Eighty-two percent of customers overwhelmingly prefer a human touch when interacting with a provider. With AdamsComm, we make customer service a breeze: you call, and we answer, simple as that. Unlike the big, faceless providers, you are more than just a number. Customers trust the businesses they know.


Today, you might have ten employees. However, what if you’re projecting to increase to 30 in the next two years? First, congrats on the success; second, simple remote configuration makes onboarding a new employee that much easier. An employee can download a softphone, create an extension, and that employee is able to answer calls before you know it. The same can be said for decreasing the number of lines needed. Now you can scale this to fit your business exactly as you need.


A sneaky good advantage of hosted PBX flexibility is the add-ons. Some of the most common advanced and powerful features of hosted PBX for your business include the following:

  • Call Routing to Mobile Phones 
  • Voicemail-To-Email 
  • Voicemail Transcription 
  • Call Recording 
  • Call Center Functionality 
  • User Dashboard and Softphone Support 
  • Operator Console 
  • Mobile Application That Makes Any Mobile Device a True PBX Extension 
  • Fax Support from Traditional Fax Machines, Desktops, or Mobile Phones 
  • Business SMS

You can mix and match what works best for you and your organization. Customizing feels good.

Let AdamsComm Be Your Hosted PBX Provider for Success

We are now in a time of business adaptation and simplification. Gone are the days of separate cell, desk, and fax numbers, all with individual costs associated with them. It’s time to embrace lower costs and streamlined communication with the solution of the future. Run, don’t walk! Contact AdamsComm today. Let us customize a solution for you. 

John Adams
Author: John Adams