About US

Adamscomm is a Value Added Reseller providing VOIP and UCaaS communications solutions, as well as, structured cabling. We are Veteran owned and operated business founded in 2004.

We can help your business by analyzing your needs and designing a customized solution to make your business as efficient and productive as possible. Our products and services can be designed to fit almost any budget.

During the implementation process Adamscomm will also handle all of the background logistics to provide for a smooth transition to your new solution. Additionally, we will provide staff training to help ensure that the system is being used in the best possible manner by everyone.

Once your new system has been deployed, Adamscomm provides 24/7 support. We realize that your business needs to be running at all times and we are here to help keep it that way. After all, Keeping Your Business Connected is our Motto!

Meet our Team

John Adams

Founder and President

John draws on 25+ years of experience to help lead the Adamscomm team. Over the years he has pulled together an amazing team of tight knit, dedicated, sincere, and passionate professionals who make Adamscomm what it is. There is a consistent focus on unrelenting customer support and a desire to go the extra mile.  John is constantly evaluating new technology and discovering exciting new ways to help his clients and team. His goal is, and always has been, to earn your trust and business for the long haul.

Darryl Panzer

Project Manager and Lead Support Technician

As Project Manager and Lead Support Technician, Darryl oversees anything from the routine service call to tier 3 issues.  His 14 years of experience in the industry help him to think outside of the box. He identifies the underlying network infrastructure and recommends how a new project will be deployed at the client’s location. His attention to detail is almost disturbing! However, this means that projects cutover successfully and on time. Darryl is always embracing newer cutting edge technologies to stay one step ahead for our clients.

Maria Jackman

Customer Support and Trainer

Customers ask for her by name! Maria should really be called the “Voice” of Adamscomm! She is the front line when it comes to system design, support and end-user training. (Not to mention the gazillion Auto-attendant and voice mail greetings she has recorded over her 21 years in the business!!!) There is no quit in her dedication to customer satisfaction and she really helps make our installs go off at the highest possible level.


We could reduce the number of phones


“We had spoken to a few larger telecom companies about our install but came away from those meetings feeling a little less than warm and fuzzy. John Adams really got to know us and our business. In fact, our Executive Director told me, ‘we’re going with AdamsComm, Inc, even if they are more expensive.’ The fact that we could reduce the number of phones based on an app AdamsComm installed made this decision a slam-dunk.”

Chad Leavell, Director of IT, Community Systems, Inc.

They will make it happen


“As part of our renovation, AdamsComm installed a new VOIP system and rewired the entire network—voice and data. When you’re working with AdamsComm, you’re working with people who know their business, who up-to-date technology-wise and incredibly responsive. Give them a time frame and they will make sure it happens.”

–Doris Christiani, controller, Lawrence Lynch, Corporation

They blew us away with their level of service


“Our company has added two new offices over the past three years and our small phone system was not powerful enough to support our growing business. AdamsComm, Inc. provided a top notch product for a solution. But where they blew us away was with their level of service. AdamsComm, Inc. supported us through every phase of the project.”

– Mike Duffy, program director, TNT Energy

Transition to the new system was seamless


““The reason we chose AdamsComm, Inc. to install the system at our new office had nothing to do with telephones. They took the time to get to know us and understand our business. They didn’t try to sell us a Cadillac when we were looking for an efficient, mid-size sedan. And the transition to the new system was seamless.”

Chad Leavell, Director of IT, Community Systems, Inc.